Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Musings

I'm sorry I have been missing in action. I'm recuperating from a lot of stuff happening at work and a few things I've taken on in the digital world that have kept me busy. So this will probably be a long one so that I can give you an update on what we've been doing. We had a pretty quiet weekend. The weather has been rainy so we didn't get out much. We did go to Target and Ukrops on Saturday but otherwise we stayed in. We spent a lot of time playing with the kids and enjoying them. They are so cute right now. Trying to talk more and more. Copying what we say all the time. It's so cute! They are also beginning to actually play together and interact with each other during their play. They love to play the cup and spoon game which involves scooping out some drink (imaginary drink) and giving it to Mommy, Daddy and each other. Occasionally, they will try to give some to a cat if one happens to come near during the game. Meighan discovered one of Sami's old baby dolls last week and spent a lot of time caring for her baby. She tried to feed the baby (it was crackers but, hey, she was trying), change the baby's diaper and sing/rock the baby. Very cute and very maternal. When I asked her if she loved her baby like Mommy loves Meighan, she shook her head fiercely and said "YES" with a smile. Very cute. She's saying Mommy all the time now which makes me SOOOOO happy. Momma, Mommy ... it's music to my hears. I love hearing them say it!

I spent every second of free time I had over the weekend in my bed because I'm just so darn tired! So, every nap and every bedtime gave me more sleep. Paul even watched the kids a few times so taht I could sleep past their waking up from naptime. It was great (thanks, honey!).

The only other thing that I did last week and over the weekend was to help coordinate a Scraps 4 Shane Creative Team effort to support Keely who's little boy, Shane, is not doing well right now. We have organized a challenge for the digital community in hopes of bringing some more support Keely's way. You can find out more about the challenge here. The challenge involves creating layouts/cards/etc. that will be inspirational to Keely. This is mine:

I have some pictures of the twins to share as well ...

Here is Alex and Grandpa playing at the park last week.

And here they are swinging at the park!

And here's Meg with her Grandpa.

This one is funny. Apparently, there was another little girl at the park and she had a bag of chips which Meighan showed a great deal of interest when the girl put them down while she was playing. Meighan wouldn't actually touch the bag but she walked over, bent down and took a peek. Very cute!

And here they are playing ...

And here's Alex on the slide (the girl is the little girl with the chips!).

I'll have more pictures soon. I just didn't feel like uploading them from the camera tonight! Well, I'm heading off to bed. More soon.

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