Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project 365: Days 66-70

Day 66: The jump rope that Grandma & Grandpa gave her for her birthday was a big hit! We spent awhile helping her figure out how to do it but she had a blast (I have a cool video of that which I'll try to post later).

Day 67: BOWLING! We took the twins bowling at the alley up the street for their birthday. It was their first time bowling and they had a mixed reaction. They were very excited but I think they were a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. Alex spent most of his time eating popcorn and Meighan was either whining or excited.

Day 68: I spent most of the evening at the dining room table with Meighan, watching her play with PlayDoh. She loves it. And would play it 24/7 if we let her LOL

Day 69: Our beautiful girl ... she loves to dance. All the time. Especially if she has on a dress that she can twirl in!

Day 70: The infamous IronMan toys that Alex got for his birthday and has carried around constantly for days. He loves them and refuses to sleep without them!

Project 365: Day 61 - 65

Day 61 - I can't believe I'm posting this terrible photo ... ugggh. But, it does give you a sense of how drastic my hair cut was. It really does look better than this random shot of messy hair but such is life.

Day 62: I wasn't feeling very original so I went with Diet Pepsi. My favorite drink that I drink way too much of but it seems like a good idea to document my love affair with Diet Pepsi. LOL

Day 63: Happy Birthday to Meighan and Alex! I'm officially the mother of 4 year olds! YAY! Although I was not feeling my best, we made the best of it. Alex got a SpiderMan toy that he then used to spray blue silly string all over the house (fun stuff!) and Meighan got PlayDoh which she LOVED. And played with and played with and played with some more. She loves her some PlayDoh! This little kit is really cute and has a lot of fun stuff for her to play with. We had cupcakes and sang happy birthday but it was pretty low key. We did most of our birthday shenanigans over the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa!

Day 64: Movie Night! The kiddos got into their pajamas, we popped popcorn and spend the evening watching a DVD (I believe it was Cinderella???) together. Good times.

Day 65: YAY! Grandma & Grandpa arrive in St. Louis!!!! The kids were beside themselves with excitement. They opened their presents and played all evening, enjoying the visit with Grandma & Grandpa! The big hits in terms of presents were the Toy Story DVD, Meighan's jump rope, Meighan's ballerina doll & Alex's Iron Man toys. (I'll do a whole birthday weekend post with more photos later, I promise).

Project 365: Days 56-60

Day 56: Yes, another superhero. It's our life most days. Today was Hulk. He's a bit scary to me but Alex loves him.

Day 57: Alex always sits like this, with his arms behind his head and it never ceases to make me smile. I often go in to check on him before I go to bed and 90% of the time, he's laying on his pillow with his arms behind his head. Too cute.

Day 58: As much as I hate to admit it, I think I've passed along my messy/cluttery/collectory gene to Meighan. This is her headboard ... tons of stuff, tons of mess. No matter how often Paul cleans it up, it ends up a mess. It's just how she (and her mommy) rolls!

Day 59: Another of Alex's sneaky photos but this one's not bad ... my Dell, where I spend almost all my free time at home, surfing the net and creating pages for our albums! I'd just painted Meighan's nails, hence the half open nail polish on the CPU. And you can see the mess below my monitor - Yes, I'm messy. Yes, its a sickness. No, I don't know how to cure it.

Day 60 - Today we all went and got our haircut. Paul was looking like a mountain man out of the 1970s, my hair was CRAZY long, Alex had crazy pieces sticking all over his head and Meighan wanted BANGS! In the end, I had 7 inches cut off of my hair. Alex looks so adorable. Paul looks like my husband again. And, Meighan, is adorable with her bangs.

Project 365 - Days 51-55

Day 51: A close up of my boy, crumbs all over his mouth (I'm sure he'd just eaten a bar!) ...

Day 52: Okay, its not the best photo but Meighan was having a blast listening to Daddy's music with headphones. Yes, her white sweater is COVERED in cheese doodles and her face is a mess. I promised these photos would be real ... and there it is, cheese doodle covered mess that it is!

Day 53 - We've been slowing working on decorating Meighan's room. I found these cute little frames in the dollar bin at Target and grabbed them up. Meighan decided that she wanted princesses and flowers in them for her room so we worked together, using my digital supplies to make these cute little framed pieces for her wall. Paul hung them today and they look really cute. I have six more which I haven't figured out what I want to do with them yet. But, her room is coming together.

Day 54: The kids were having a blast playing the Hulk pinball machine that Grandma & Grandpa gave Alex for Christmas.

Day 55: We've also been working on Alex's room and we finally finished the wall of framed photos of his favorite superheros - Hulk, SpiderMan (twice), IronMan (twice), & Batman. It looks really good and he loves it!

Project 365: Days 46 - 50

I'm trying to catch up on posting these daily photos ... I've gotten off track & need to get back on board! So, here we go ...

Day 46: Meighan LOVES to look through my scrapbooks, asking all about every page. She particularly loves the book I made about my pregnancy with her and her brother. I love it because this is one of the main reasons that I spend so much time creating pages for our albums!

Day 47: I'm not sure what this is that Alex is showing me but he spent most of that day carrying it around and showing it to all of us at least a hundred times. You can really see in this photo how much he needs a haircut!!!!!

Day 48: Ahhh, the joys of having toddlers in your home. This is actually a photo taken by Alex, on the sly, when he knew he was not supposed to be touching my camera. Oh well, he seemed to enjoy it and he hasn't broken it yet. I find these little gems all the time. LOL

Day 49: Meighan has such an imagination and loves to play! She gets dressed up and plays the part to the hilt. This day she was being a dragon catcher and kept telling me that she needed this outfit to catch the big dragon. LOL I'm not sure why the hat and the makeshift skirt plus a book were important for dragon catching but, hey, how would I know? lol

Day 50: Meighan loves her Barbie dolls (all but a few were originally Sami's so they are that much more special to her - she tells me how lucky she is that Sami gave them to her). She was very proud of herself in this photo because she dressed Barbie all by herself! See her peeking out behind Barbie - too cute!