Saturday, September 19, 2009

Family Fun Musings

Last weekend we spent the afternoon at Des Pere Park (which is a GREAT park, by the way, if you live in the St. Louis area). They have fantastic play areas for the kids as well as a great lake area for fishing (catch and release). And of course, a walking rail that goes all through the park! We had a blast! Here are some photos from our afternoon ...

First some photos from earlier in the day, as the kids were playing outside. Meighan loves that she has this sailor dress and a matching dress for her baby!

 Alex loves his bike and spending time riding back and forth, over and over.


 And now, photos from the park. It was difficult to get many photos of the kids at the playland - they run around so much its hard to get a photo. But, I did get this one of Alex climbing. He's definitely a climber!

 Paul and the kids heading down to the lake ...


My little family minus our Sami (although Sami's presence was missed, as always - by the way, Sami is doing GREAT with her first year of high school. She made the cheerleading team & spends a lot of time practicing and getting ready for the football season. She's getting ready to go to Homecoming with a boy! When did she get old enough to go to HOMECOMING!  lol   She sounds very excited! We miss her so much but are glad she's doing so well!)

And I finally got out from behind the camera and let Paul take a photo of me and the kiddos ...

 The kids loved the ducks and how they came right over looking for food  ... next time, we'll be better prepared and come with some bread!


 And another of me ... by the way, I got a TON of my hair chopped off the day after this photo was taken. So did Meighan. I got a very short bob (cut off about 3-4 inches) and I love it!

 The lake ...
 As I followed Paul and the kids, I heard him teaching them all about algae which they were fascinated with ...

 As soon as we saw this big hill, we asked the kids if they wanted to roll down the hill. They's apparently never done that. So, Paul tried to teach them what to do ...


They were having trouble just letting go so I suggested that Paul show them how it's done. I'm so glad I married a man who is always game for stuff like rolling down a hill!

And he successfully rolled down the hill, teaching our kids how to do it effectively. And off they went, rolling down the hill!


 And then we had some fun on the exercise areas periodically showing up on the walking trail.



It was such a nice day together! We're thinking we might head back over there today. If so, you'll get to see our new haircuts! 

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