Friday, April 23, 2010

School Musings

It's official ... the twins will be starting Kindergarten in the fall & we had our first official school event last week (Monday, April 12th). The school was having a morning for incoming Kindergarteners and their parents in the school library. It was kind of a 'get to know your new school' type event. I took the day off of work and off to Barrett's we went ... The kids had story hour/tour while the parents did a tour of the school with the Principal. It was a pretty small group so there was a lot of interaction and time for questions/concerns. I was really impressed with their school. The technology was amazing ... the school was such an enjoyable place to be ... the people were so wonderful. I'm so glad that the kids will be going here for elementary school. It's such a nice place! The principal was wonderful, spent time getting to know all of us and talking to all of the kids and the parents. It's obvious how committed he is to the kids in his school. I was really impressed! And relieved! The kids starting school is a bit overwhelming for me so I feel much better about it now that I've been there and met the Principal. Now, I'm just excited for them!

Even more importantly, the kids had a blast! They each had fifth graders assigned to them to give them a tour of the school which they thought was so 'cool'! They were able to see what the classrooms look like and the playground. They went from saying (as we went into the school) ... 'can't we just go back home' to 'I can't wait for school to start!' So, the day was a success and we're so excited for Meighan and Alex.

Here are a few photos I took of them just as we were leaving to head to the school ...

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