Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter Musings

I'm a bit late with these but I have some photos to share from Easter. The kids had a great Easter. First up, a package from Grandma & Grandpa full of yummy Easter goodies. And, then, the annual Easter Bunny baskets! This year he brought us baskets that are very unique - they are pails for the BEACH!

Super proud of the photo below - isn't is fantastic!!!! 

Shifting from Grandma & Grandpa's package to the Easter Bunny's goodies! Had a bit of a freak out moment that I wanted to mention here - I have a hard time 'hiding' anything from the kids ... they seem to find anything that I try to hide away. So, I've begun to hide any holiday or birthday stuff in the van since its the only way that I can keep little eyes away from it. And, so, that is what we did for the Easter Bunny this year - kept the stuff in the back of the van. Which worked out really well until the Thursday night before Easter when we went to put our grocery bags into the back of the van with the kids standing there and Meighan saw all the Easter stuff and immediately asked why we had Easter stuff in the van. Uggggh! I could have kicked myself for not remembering to keep her away from the trunk. Every parents worst nightmare. I immediately covered myself by saying that those were Easter items for baskets we are making at work for needy children. She told me that she thought that was a great idea and continued to ask me about those baskets for days ... But, I covered myself enough (and she didn't get a very long look) so Easter was not ruined. Here are a few photos from Easter morning. It was crazy early so they are not very good photos. None of us were awake enough for decent photos apparently!

Meighan got a lava lamp nightlight & Alex got a Space Projection nightlight (projects the planets onto the ceiling) ... they both LOVED these! I should also note that each of the kids picked out a Easter present from Mommy & Daddy. Alex chose a Batman Wii Game & Meighan chose a CD player & 2 Justin Bieber CDs. These were their big gifts!

All in all, we had a nice Easter. Very quiet & not very adventurous. I wasn't feeling 100% so we didn't do too much. But, we had a nice day together!

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