Sunday, April 18, 2010

Picnic Musings

There was finally some pretty weather here in St. Louis so Paul took the kids down to the rocks in our neighborhood for a nice spring picnic! They had lunch and played for a couple of hours. I'm sad that I missed it since I was at work but Paul took lots of photos for me to share ...

Alex LOVES to play 'laser' where he runs around & shoots lasers at the monsters surrounding him. This time, he was adorable and named Paul as a bad guy named "PUNK" and had this entire creative story behind Punk, where he lived and what kind of bad guy he is ... This boy is very smart, very imaginative and very creative!

Not sure what happened here but she's not happy and he's gettin' out of there! LOL

Meighan loves to collect leaves and bugs and rocks and sticks and whatever else she can find!

Her new friend - Wormy - who she talked about all day. She had a friend named Wormy last year in the spring and has mentioned him periodically, saying she misses Wormy and hopes he's not dead ... So, introducing this year's Wormy ...

Hope you are enjoying all that spring has to offer in your neck of the woods!

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