Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Update

I am in the middle of editing all of our Christmas photos so that I can share them here. I have lots of cute stories as you can imagine. We had a wonderful holiday with Grandma and Grandpa! So, keep your eye out for that post in the next day or two!

What I'm really here to tell you is that I'm moving the design aspects of this blog to its very own blog so that this blog can get back to its original purpose - OUR FAMILY. This blog will focus primarily on our family, what we're up to, photos, digital layouts and so forth. The majority of the posts related to my new design venture will take place on my new blog - Designs By Amy Melniczenko!!! I will warn you that it is still a work in progress, getting the blog the way that I want it but it is ready enough for company!!! So, if you're interested in my designing (and by the way, lots of new, exiting stuff coming on that front so keep an eye out!), check out the design blog.

In addition, as most of you know, I'm pretty obsessed with reading and have been sharing a lot of stuff here on Melniczenko Musings about books and reading. Well, all my reading and book posts also have a new home at my book blog - Amy's Book Obsession! This is where I'll be sharing what I'm reading, reviews of things I've read, updates on book challenges I'm participating in and so forth. I've been doing some really fun book challenges and getting involved in some fantastic book groups over at Goodreads so I'll be sharing a lot of book/reading related 'stuff' on the new blog! I am still building the blog so it will be more and more filled out as time goes on but I wanted to make you aware of it so that you can follow me over there if you're interested in books and reading posts!

Well, that is it for tonight! I'll have a nice big Christmas post coming soon as well as news about what we've been up to and what we've got planned for 2010!

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