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December 2009

As I think I've mentioned a couple of times now, being so sick in early December really got me off track in terms of getting things ready for the holidays. We never even got around to decorating the darn gingerbread house! Ugggh. Okay, onto what we DID do.

We trimmed the tree, with our sweet little guys helping out in earnest. They were both totally excited to be helping! By the way, many of the photos of Alex make him look so silly! He's in a place right now that every photo ends up being a silly face because he starts making those silly faces the moment that the camera appears! It drives me crazy but it is what it is ...





As we trimmed the tree, we all had 'champagne' (AKA Sparkling Grape Juice) in fancy (AKA plastic) glasses! The kids, okay - Meighan, thought it was the coolest thing EVER! Alex just said I don't really like that kind of juice, Mommy! LOL  Meighan walked around like a grown up all evening, drinking her 'champagne.'


And these are the holiday advent calendars that we used all month long. The kids loved getting their candy out of each day's drawer and I like how it helped them see how far Christmas was so that they weren't asking me 400 times a day when Santa was coming to visit. So, it was a big hit! 


 When I asked the kids to show me their favorite ornaments for the tree, they showed me these - Spider-Man and the Princesses. Both happen to be gifts from Grandma and Grandpa from last Christmas! They immediately wanted to put them on the tree all by themselves!





They did a great job helping out. Although we did have to go back and do a slight bit of rearranging to make the tree balanced, they did a great job overall.

Again, here's Alex doing something silly!


The final result - not a great photo but it will do!


Grandma and Grandpa braved the snow in VA and W. VA to come visit us the week of Christmas. They arrived Wednesday afternoon. The kids were over the moon to see them (and Bandit).  First things first, the kids opened their Christmas 2009 ornaments which were both a big hit!




 We were a little late but we finally got around to doing the craft project that we'd planned to do as holiday gifts for family and friends. The kids had a blast creating some pretty sun catchers for everyone! (By the way, if you haven't received one yet, don't worry - I've yet to mail then - BAD MOMMY! They'll be coming soon.)



Here are a few the kids made for Stephanie, Elizabeth, Grandpa, Mom Mom, and Mimi -


And another for Mimi, one for Grandma, one for Sami, and one for Nina!


And there are more but I didn't get photos of all of them LOL But, they turned out um, interesting! Just what you'd expect from two 4 year olds. Mommy helped when they allowed it so some are a bit more traditional lol

Grandma also let them open one Christmas Eve gift - a beautiful new copy of The Night Before Christmas! Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!


 And then it was time for CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS! Our annual tradition!Again, not sure what Alex is looking at but he certainly looks silly! Meighan LOVED her Princess flannel pajamas and immediately put them on. Alex liked the Sponge Bob fleece pajamas once we were able to convince him to put them on.





Meighan spends A LOT of time writing these days. In and on anything she can get her hands on. She wants to be able to write words SO bad! So, we write words out for her so she can practice her letters. Here she borrowed Grandma's notebook to make a few notes!


My mom made this adorable hat for Meighan with all these ribbons - isn't she darling?



And here we are - the Ladies! This is the ONLY photo of me from Christmas and its NOT a good one but I figured I should share so you know that I'm still here! Even if I look terrible, I love this photo of me and two of my favorite ladies. If only Sami had been there ... then it would have been PERFECT! (We miss you, Sam!!)


And that takes us through Christmas Eve ... more to come with lots of Christmas morning photos!

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