Saturday, December 19, 2009

Halloween Musings

Better late than never ... here are the Melniczenko twins on HALLOWEEN! They were so cute (and sooooo excited). They are really 'getting' everything holiday related this year. It's so much fun!

First up, Meighan got to wear some of Mommy's makeup and boy, did she think she was hot stuff! We put on some blush, some sparkly eye shadown, some mascara AND lipstick! She was over the moon excited!

Alex's costume was a bit easier but he had a blast buzzing around as Buzz Lightyear with his jet pack!


So, we headed out for some trick-or-treating! There were many surprises awaiting us ...

Surprise #1 - The Big Bad Wolf joined in the fun!!!!!!  Grandpa went off to the side to get his own costume on and jumped out at us. The kids stood there staring for a minute, not sure what to think, when suddenly they screamed 'GRANDPA - that's YOU, not the Big Bad Wolf' and spent the rest of the night telling everyone we met that that wasn't really the Big Bad Wolf but really just Grandpa! So funny!

The kids with our neighbor Nathan who they adore and think is the best little guy ever! He was so adorable as SpongeBob! By the way, Nathan was not a fan of the Big Bad Wolf. He cried if the Big Bad Wolf came too close ... making the adults fall over with giggles!

The Big Bad Wolf snuck up on Little Red Riding Hood and Buzz Lightyear ALL night! 

Some of our neighbors get together and put this big display up every year - lots of fun stuff for the kids to check out! 

After getting home, the kids decided they wanted to try on the Big Bad Wolf persona for a bit! Hilarity ensued for us all  ...

At this point in the evening, me and Paul snuck out to have a nice, romantic dinner with no kids! Our first in ages! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa who took the kids to McDonald's and got them into bed for us! And thanks to Stephanie who gave us a very nice gift card so we could have some yummy food ... It was a wonderful night out - I've missed just hanging with the hubby at a restaurant, talking and enjoying each other's company. 

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