Saturday, December 19, 2009

November/early December Musings

Still on my catching up spree ... I don't have photos so this won't be a long, involved post. So, bear with me.

We stayed in St. Louis this year for Thanksgiving. We were sad to not be with our families but we had a nice, low-key holiday. We stayed in our pajamas all day (the best part of not going anywhere or having guests). Paul made us a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner! My husband is quite the cook! We ate lots of yummy food and just enjoyed one another's company! I napped periodically because I wanted to be out of the house at 3 a.m. to go do some Black Friday shopping before heading to work at 8 a.m. (by the way, note to self: don't plan to work after getting up at 3 a.m. to shop!). I headed out dark and early and hit Kohls, Target AND Wal-mart before heading into the office. I got almost everything I wanted to get from the Black Friday sales so I was happy with how it ended up! Since we were able to leave the office early, I was able to head home and nap that afternoon so it wasn't all bad!

Early December was going along fairly quietly until the week before last when I got SICK. Not just a cold or the flu but sicker than I've been in ages. Going to the Emergency Room sick. Having a CAT scan sick. It was horrible. I woke up at 4 a.m. on a Tuesday morning feeling VERY sick. I thought it was the stomach flu or that maybe I'd eaten something bad. So, I soldiered through, got ready for work and headed to the office. I ended up having to stop several times on the way to work to find a restroom which is never a good sign but I really didn't want to use any PTO days if I could help it. After a few hours at work, I told my boss that I just couldn't stay. I wasn't getting much accomplished and just felt wretched. The stomach pains were severe - it felt almost like I was being stabbed in the stomach. Terrible. So, I headed home and slept for over 24 hours straight. The only time I wasn't in pain was when I was sleeping. Then, I began to have some other symptoms that were not normal and Paul convinced me to call my doctor. She immediately got on the phone and told me to head to the Emergency Room right away. So, off we headed to the ER. Eight hours later, they discovered I had a badly infected colon and that the infection had caused my colon to be 3 times its normal size. They wanted to hospitalize me but I begged the ER doctor to let me go home and promised to come back if anything happened. They gave me heavy duty antibiotics, spasm medication to help with the sharp pains I was experiencing and lots of pain medication!  I spent the next 4-5 days taking pain medication, sleeping and trying to get through it. It wasn't until Tuesday of this week that I began to feel remotely better. I'm now back to normal and officially BEHIND SCHEDULE for Christmas. I just don't think I'll get the Christmas cards done so I'm sorry if you don't get one from us this year! We are only finishing up the tree today. Our decorations are woefully behind schedule. We've yet to make cookies or the gingerbread house - maybe tomorrow. And, although my shopping is 95% done, I have yet to wrap a single present! YIKES. So, Christmas is going to be a bit more low-key than I'd planned. We'll get it done but we're just trying to enjoy doing what we can with the kids and looking forward to Grandma and Grandpa's visit next week! I'll be back with photos as we get some of our holiday stuff done ... Hope you are having a happy holiday season!

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