Saturday, December 19, 2009

Worst Blogger EVER = ME!

I've been such a terrible blogger for the last few months. I'm SO sorry! Please forgive me and know that I am really going to try to do better in the new year. I have been bad about taking photos and about blogging. I've just been focused on other things - nothing special, just life. So, this post will be a BIG update to get us all up to date and make my family stop talking about how they keep checking my blog and there is nothing here!!!! And then I'll try to post AT LEAST once a week in the future. I will still be doing an occasional book review so ignore those if you're just interested in the family stuff or enjoy them if you're a big reader like me! 

Okay, let's see ... where to start ... if memory serves, I haven't done a family post since October sometime so, we'll start with some photos from September and October. Yikes.

September was a pretty low-key month for us. We didn't do a lot of fun, exciting stuff. BUT, it was the month of TOY STORY for Alex. He became obsessed. Watching it as much as we'd allow him to, pretending to be Buzz Lighyear, using other toys as a Buzz Lightyear, etc. And, for the FIRST time, he asked Grandma and Grandpa on the phone for something - a BUZZ. (Meighan tends to make requests more than Alex so it was kind of cute to hear him actually ASK for a gift LOL) So, soon after (thank you, Grandma and Grandpa), 2 lovely packages arrived for our two little guys ... as you can tell from the photos below, they were very excited!

 Meighan was beyond excited to have a laptop of her own to play with and Alex has not been without Buzz since the moment he opened the gift!

And, on to October ... October was ALL about Halloween. Deciding what they wanted to be this year, getting them costumes, etc. As you can imagine, Alex came up with his costume fairly easily - BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. Meighan finally decided on Little Red Riding Hood. Alex's costume ended up being store bought but Meighan gave my mom the opportunity to whip up a beautiful hand-made costume! And, boy, did she deliver! The costume was amazing! Meighan loved it and was so excited the day that it arrived. And there were a couple of surprises for both kids so everyone had a blast Here are a few photos from the day that it arrived in the mail -

 Is that not the most beautiful Little Red Riding Hood you've ever seen? Well, I'm a bit biased but I think she's without a doubt the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!

And, to make Halloween even better, Grandma and Grandpa came out to visit and go trick or treating with us! (And give me and Paul a chance to go to dinner ALONE on Halloween night! - THANK YOU).  More on that in the next post! I'm going to give Halloween its very own POST!

Thanks for sticking in there with me even if I'm the worst blogger EVER! I'll work on being better!

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