Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project 365 - Days 51-55

Day 51: A close up of my boy, crumbs all over his mouth (I'm sure he'd just eaten a bar!) ...

Day 52: Okay, its not the best photo but Meighan was having a blast listening to Daddy's music with headphones. Yes, her white sweater is COVERED in cheese doodles and her face is a mess. I promised these photos would be real ... and there it is, cheese doodle covered mess that it is!

Day 53 - We've been slowing working on decorating Meighan's room. I found these cute little frames in the dollar bin at Target and grabbed them up. Meighan decided that she wanted princesses and flowers in them for her room so we worked together, using my digital supplies to make these cute little framed pieces for her wall. Paul hung them today and they look really cute. I have six more which I haven't figured out what I want to do with them yet. But, her room is coming together.

Day 54: The kids were having a blast playing the Hulk pinball machine that Grandma & Grandpa gave Alex for Christmas.

Day 55: We've also been working on Alex's room and we finally finished the wall of framed photos of his favorite superheros - Hulk, SpiderMan (twice), IronMan (twice), & Batman. It looks really good and he loves it!

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