Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project 365: Day 61 - 65

Day 61 - I can't believe I'm posting this terrible photo ... ugggh. But, it does give you a sense of how drastic my hair cut was. It really does look better than this random shot of messy hair but such is life.

Day 62: I wasn't feeling very original so I went with Diet Pepsi. My favorite drink that I drink way too much of but it seems like a good idea to document my love affair with Diet Pepsi. LOL

Day 63: Happy Birthday to Meighan and Alex! I'm officially the mother of 4 year olds! YAY! Although I was not feeling my best, we made the best of it. Alex got a SpiderMan toy that he then used to spray blue silly string all over the house (fun stuff!) and Meighan got PlayDoh which she LOVED. And played with and played with and played with some more. She loves her some PlayDoh! This little kit is really cute and has a lot of fun stuff for her to play with. We had cupcakes and sang happy birthday but it was pretty low key. We did most of our birthday shenanigans over the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa!

Day 64: Movie Night! The kiddos got into their pajamas, we popped popcorn and spend the evening watching a DVD (I believe it was Cinderella???) together. Good times.

Day 65: YAY! Grandma & Grandpa arrive in St. Louis!!!! The kids were beside themselves with excitement. They opened their presents and played all evening, enjoying the visit with Grandma & Grandpa! The big hits in terms of presents were the Toy Story DVD, Meighan's jump rope, Meighan's ballerina doll & Alex's Iron Man toys. (I'll do a whole birthday weekend post with more photos later, I promise).

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