Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project 365: Days 46 - 50

I'm trying to catch up on posting these daily photos ... I've gotten off track & need to get back on board! So, here we go ...

Day 46: Meighan LOVES to look through my scrapbooks, asking all about every page. She particularly loves the book I made about my pregnancy with her and her brother. I love it because this is one of the main reasons that I spend so much time creating pages for our albums!

Day 47: I'm not sure what this is that Alex is showing me but he spent most of that day carrying it around and showing it to all of us at least a hundred times. You can really see in this photo how much he needs a haircut!!!!!

Day 48: Ahhh, the joys of having toddlers in your home. This is actually a photo taken by Alex, on the sly, when he knew he was not supposed to be touching my camera. Oh well, he seemed to enjoy it and he hasn't broken it yet. I find these little gems all the time. LOL

Day 49: Meighan has such an imagination and loves to play! She gets dressed up and plays the part to the hilt. This day she was being a dragon catcher and kept telling me that she needed this outfit to catch the big dragon. LOL I'm not sure why the hat and the makeshift skirt plus a book were important for dragon catching but, hey, how would I know? lol

Day 50: Meighan loves her Barbie dolls (all but a few were originally Sami's so they are that much more special to her - she tells me how lucky she is that Sami gave them to her). She was very proud of herself in this photo because she dressed Barbie all by herself! See her peeking out behind Barbie - too cute!

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