Sunday, February 01, 2009

Snow, Snow & More Snow

In case you didn't know, it snowed in St. Louis last week! We ended up with almost 7 inches which is probably the most snow I've seen in my entire life. Living in VA didn't give me a whole lot of opportunity to see a 'real' snow. A few inches maybe but this was definitely new for me! And this was officially the kids first time playing in the snow. And play they did! Here are some photos ...

Alex and Meighan were both COVERED from head to toe with snow.

Alex, who doesn't appreciate the cold, did a great job sticking it out. He didn't run inside once!

Meighan was all about the snowballs ...

Just to show you how much snow there actually was ...

They had a blast running up and down the shoveled path, chasing each other. They were too cute.

Again with the snowballs ...

See what I mean ... COVERED in snow.

Alex getting into the snow ball action!

Meighan just took a dive right into the snow to make her snow angel which she's been talking about for weeks.

Alex giving the snow angel thing a try!

This is the kids making a snow volcano which has ice lava (according to Meighan). Where do they come up with these things LOL?

Daddy and Alex throwing snowballs at each other and playing ...

So, there it is ... our first true playing in the snow. I'm assuming we'll have many more chances if we remain here in St. Louis for awhile!

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