Saturday, February 21, 2009

Project 365 - Days 33-37

33:365 - Mom made these adorable snowman hats for the kids and they love them. They wore them all day as we ran errands and several people commented on how cute they were!

34:365 - I've been having ongoing sinus issues and taking Sudafed constantly to help. This stuff is amazing! It works like a charm!

35:365 - Meighan loves her Polly Pockets and they end up all over the place. It's funny because Sami used to LOVE them too. We get a kick out of her playing with them!

36:365 - Alex's new obsession is climbing. Constantly. On everything. Even telling us - hey mommy/daddy, i'm CLIMBING! It's funny because he doesn't like heights and yet he climbs every chance he gets LOL

37:365 - Our stand by dinner when we need something quick - tortellini! And these are a particular favorite because some are green which we call our Hulk noodles so that Alex will eat them without complaining! LOL

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