Sunday, February 01, 2009

Project 365: Days 26-32

26:365 - Alex getting ready to go for a nice walk with Daddy. Isn't he handsome?

27:365 - Paul's wedding band. Makes me happy. So perfect for him. Unique and different. Signifies so much to me.

28:365 - The kiddos getting ready to go play in the snow! They are so excited!

29:365 - okay, I'm cheating and using day 28 photos for both day 29 and 30 because they are so cute and represent what we've been doing the last few days ...

30:365: Again cheating but I love this photo of Megs doing her snow angels :)

31:365 - Bunny and a juice cup. Yes, Bunny is Meighan's new favorite toy. She carries her around constantly. Her official name is Daisy but she also goes by Bunny. The one night we could not locate Bunny was NOT fun because Meighan has decided that she HAS to sleep with Bunny. Every night. No matter what. She talks to Bunny and hugs her and loves her all the time. She's a good mommy to her Bunny/Daisy!

32:365 - Meighan doing her dances. She loves to dance and actually has some rhythm. She hears music, she jumps up and begins to dance throughout the room until the music stops. This particular photo cracks me up. She's so determined!

That is it for now. Back soon with more ...


Meg said...

Beautiful photos! You have a lovely family!

Cheryl said...

Are you fixing your photos? If so, you are doing an amazing work at it!