Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365: Days 19-25

Here are days 19 through 25 of Project 365 -

19:365 - I love the starkness of this photo of the tree across the way from our home. Just screams winter to me!

20:365 - Our Alex who loves playing on his Leapster now that he's figure out how to use it ... LOL

21:365 - Meighan and Daddy making dinner for us - CHICKEN! She loves to help cook & this was especially fun since she got all dirty & covered with eggs and breadcrumbs!

22:365 - Our boy & his NutriGrain bars (blueberry, of course). He eats them constantly & we cannot take the chance of running out of them our he goes nuts LOL. I figure that its better that he loves these than candy or something. Although he also loves candy, he just knows he can't have it very often!

23:365 - The guys that get so much play in our house. He has a ton of them but these are his current favorites. He doesn't go anywhere without them and he sleeps with them every night. He plays with them constantly and is obsessed with superheros!

24:365 - Awww ... she's so beautiful in her new hat, gloves and old winter coat. Getting ready to take a walk in the cold with her brother and Daddy (Mommy stayed home and napped!). She told me, as they left, that she was going bird watching & hoped to see a woodpecker (which is apparently her favorite bird????). She ended up seeing other birds, but no woodpeckers. But, she found another walnut which she insisted on burying in the flower bed so she can grow a tree! LOL

25:365 - We woke up to snow this morning. It's snowed most of the day. Generally, just powder but beautiful to look at from our warm house. They are calling for more tomorrow and Tuesday so maybe the kids will get to build the snowman that they have been talking about for weeks. There just hasn't been enough yet to get a real snow man built. At least we all have our winter boots, gloves, hats and jackets ready for some time in the snow!

That's it for this week ... more to come soon!

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