Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365: Days 11 - 18

Here are days 11 through 18 of Project 365 -

11:365: We had a blast fingerpainting & getting all messy. Well, Alex gave up about 5 minutes in because he doesn't like to be dirty LOL but Meighan stuck it out and was covered from head to toe with paint by the end. We have many beautiful pictures which will be making their way onto the wall once we figure out the best way to hang them!

12:365: Meighan and Alex LOVE to help Paul make scrambled eggs. They crack the eggs and help to scramble them up. What I lvoe about this photo is that I caught it just as Paul is trying to get the egg shells out of the eggs (which inevitably fall in when the kids crack the eggs - they are still learning)! And I love how everyone has bed head since we'd all just woken up!

13:365: The shrine to the Eagles that we had going this football season. Since the playoff game just ended about 30 minutes ago and we're all pretty sad about the outcome (Paul tore up his old Eagles shirt if that tells you his mindset - oh and now he & the kids are now wearing pieces of it as dress up clothes LOL), I'm just going to say that this was a centerpiece in our living room since Christmas and it has been said that it was a critical part of their doing so well up until today ....

14:365: Our sweet boy, Alex. My sunshine ... the very best of the best of all boys ... He is his own person, that is for sure. And I couldn't love him more.

15:365: Me and my boy! Not the best photo of me (I just came home from work, my makeup is less than stellar) but I love it!

16:365: The dishwasher - I LOVE this modern convenience. I hate doing dishes but this makes it so much easier. Well, and that Paul's started doing the dishes FOR me. I LOVE THAT! I have a good husband!

17:365: I love this photograph of Alex helping Paul bring in the paper towels after a trip to the grocery store. Getting just a peek of our little guy through the screen door which was closing. I love it!

18:365: My girl, Megs. What can I say - she is a FASHION PLATE. I was walking by the bathroom and saw her in there washing her hands (she loves to wash her hands - ????) while wearing the necklace I 'lent' her on Friday when I came home from work wearing it and she asked if she could wear it! She's worn it every second since then. I also just love how intensely she's going about the business of washing her hands. Just cracks me up! I also love that this photo shows two of the ceramics that my Mimi Robertson made back in the 1970s when she took a ceramics class with my mom. The one you can see best is the blue/green/white dish on the left of the sink but just next to it is a small vase she made as well. They fit the color scheme in that bathroom perfectly! I have a few of the pieces she made and I cherish them.

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