Thursday, April 09, 2009

Updated Musings

Yikes, I've been a terrible blogger for the last month. I'll try to make up for that. It's been crazy busy at work and I'm just so exhausted most evenings that the last thing I feel like doing is blogging. Sorry!!! I'll really try to be better, I promise!

Things at work are good ... busy, chaotic but good. First and foremost, I'm just grateful to have a JOB and its a bonus that I actually like it! Secondly, I'm learning so much from this merger with Wells Fargo. I'm spending most of my days in meetings or on conference calls but the bright side is that I'm learning, learning, learning. I've also been studying for my PMP (project management certification) which has also been taking up some of my free time. I plan to take the exam by the end of June so I have a lot of studying to do!!!

Paul is doing great - I've gotten him onto Facebook so he's catching up with old Army buddies and friends from school. We've been scanning old photos from when he was stationed in Germany and sharing them with his old friends. Very cool to see him connecting with all these new people!

The kids are amazing, as always. Growing up so fast. Becoming their own little interesting people. Meighan is a very, very, very social little girl who talks as if she has a motor in her mouth. Constantly!!! She's very much a tomboy (how can she not be with a brother like Alex) but she's also SUCH a girly girl. The other day I asked her why she loves me and she said 'i love you because you have lots of good makeup.' I just cracked up. She's all about makeup, pink, jewelry, and babies. Yet, at the same time, give her some sidewalk chalk and she'll draw for hours. She loves to draw actually, and does quite well. She must get her artistic tendencies from Paul since I can't draw a stick person well! And, Alex, sweet Alex. He's such a boy - he's still all about the Superheros. SpiderMan, IronMan, Bat Man, Wolverine (a new favorite) etc. He is obsessed with Toy Story and Toy Story 2 - he'd watch them all day long if we let him. He's such a wild boy yet has such a sweet, tender side that I just adore. I feel so lucky to get to be with these little ones every day! They are amazing and wacky and wonderful!

We're getting ready for Easter this weekend! We have two cartons of eggs waiting in the fridge for coloring. And I have a bunch of fun stuff planned for them! I think they'll have a blast.

I'll get some photos uploaded and some layouts soon - maybe tonight if I'm feeling industrious. Although I'm still doing the 365 Project, I'm not sure that I have it in me to keep posting them. I seem to be slacking in the processing and posting of them. I'll add some occasionally but no promises that they will all end up on the old blog. More soon ...

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