Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Musings

Meighan and I had a great time this afternoon. We went to the used bookstore and picked up some books. Then, off to lunch, followed by a trip to buy me some new shoes. Then, we caught up with the boys at McDonald's for a little play area fun! As we watched them play, Paul and I talked about our afternoons and were amazed to realize that BOTH Meighan and Alex talked about each other constantly. They missed each other so much, in just a few hours. They both kept asking us where the other was and when we'd see them again. Meighan said over and over that she missed Alex and wanted to go see him.

I think it re-confirmed for us both that they are too young to be separated for very long. They just rely on each other so much and seem very 'out of sorts' when they are far from one another for long. I think it will change as they get a little older but for now, we feel like this is for the best.

They spent the rest of the evening tonight playing as if they'd been apart for days. Too cute.

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