Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Musings

It's been a rainy, drab day here in St. Louis. The first day we've had rain ALL DAY. It was tough to get out of bed and tough to get through the day. I'm so affected by the weather - I have a hard time staying pepped up when its rainy.

Oh, and I have a weird observation about St. Louis (maybe even the Midwest although I'm not sure). The weather here is really interesting. One minute its sunny and one minute its raining and vice versa. Very strange. And now I have umbrellas hidden EVERYWHERE - because you never know! And the evening storms are amazing - almost every night that we've been here there has been a lightening/thunderstorm. Very interesting. Paul thinks its because its so much flatter here. I don't know. I just think its really interesting. Not that we never had evening storms in Virginia but just not so consistently.

The kids are doing great - Paul took them to check out a daycare today which they really liked (and more importantly he liked). It's very close to where I work and caters to parents who work in the city. We just have to figure out if its the best one in terms of location. Meaning, I'll be driving them there in the morning and evening during rush hour traffic. And Paul would have to come all the way downtown if he needed to pick them up. We're thinking it through now ...

Meighan is very very close to being completely potty trained during the day and doesn't wear pullups at all anymore except to go to sleep. Alex is just beginning to show some interest - Paul has been watching a potty video (called Big Kid Central - LOL) and putting the techniques into practice and it really seems to be working for him. He'll finally go poopy in the potty and almost always goes pee pee. I know, our life is so exciting! We're excited about the progress and glad that they are making progress. By the way, the kids are OBSESSED with this potty video (in fact, they just begged me to put it in before they got ready for bed!). We talk about the potty constantly these days. Amazing how having kids changes your life and your conversations.

Okay, that's it for tonight. I just wanted to check in and say hello! And talk about the potty ... again. LOL

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