Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Musings

We've had a busy week. Linda flew into St. Louis to visit with us and Sami's here for a couple of weeks. It's been great to catch up with them and show them both the city.

First up on the agenda was a day of shopping at West County Mall for me, Sami and Linda. We also went to see Stepbrothers. And Paul was so sweet to watch the kiddos so that we could have an afternoon out together!

Then, they all went to the Zoo while I was at work and had a great time. That evening, we visited the Arch and I formed myself to go up so that I could conquer my fear of heights and do something that scares me. And, I was so proud of Sami who also has a fear of heights. She also went up there and conquered her fear. It was really a neat experience for us and the kids LOVED it. They are still asking to go back.

For some reason, blogger isn't letting me order my pictures right so they're out of order but we'll just go with it ...

This is the Arch. I'm not much of a photographer but I like this photo that I took. I just need to remove that bit of tree in the corner!

And here's our Hollister Girl - Sami! She had lots of fun shopping over the weekend. And reading the newest Twilight book which she read in record time! She gets more and more beautiful every day - inside and out!

And here's Linda with Alex. The kids just loved having her here and getting to spend quality time with her. Last night, she stayed iwth the kiddos so Paul and I could have a night out for ourselves. We saw Dark Knight and it was FANTASTIC!!!!! Definitely recommend it!

We finally received our replacement Wii (thank goodness the one that the twins broke was still under warranty and they replaced it for free!) Here are some photos of us having some Wii fun!

And I just had to throw this one of Alex in bed with that adorable smile. He can be such a sweet boy!

Paul and Sami fighting with sticks by the river (we went down there after the visit to the Arch and hung out awhile).

My loves ... this photo now sits on my desk and I look at it every day to remind me of all the people that I love ...

Our girls on the stairs leading to the arch (see the helicopter in the background - Alex loved it and is obsessed with wanting to go in it!).

Sami waiting for our pod to go back down to the ground after our visit to the Arch. It's pretty close quarters but not uncomfortable. Just different.

Sami conquering her fear and enjoying the view!

I have another great photo of all of us up in the Arch but I can't post it for some reason!!!!! I'll post it later, I promise!

Linda headed back to PA today and we're going to miss her lots! We're so glad she was able to come out and visit with us. Oh, and Linda, if you're reading this, I'll print out a bunch of the photos from your visit and send them to you since we didn't get around to it before you left!

Up next ... we move into the condo on Friday! YAY! We can finally get settled into our home here and have our own things around us! I can't wait!

That is it for tonight. I have lots of pages to share so I'll be back soon to show you what I've been up to!

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