Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Musings

I've got some news to share ... I've been working on finding a new job for the last couple of months and the search went amazingly well! I did quite a bit of interviewing and ended up with two really great offers which was amazing! They were very different jobs - one was with another non-profit and one was with a local corporation. Ultimately, I decided to go with the corporate position, for a lot of different reasons but I'm really excited about it! So, I will be starting my new job in about a week and a half which is really exciting! A bit scary after being in the same place for over 6 years but I'm looking forward to the change and the challenges that will come with that! And I will even be able to use the MBA that I worked so hard for but have yet to really put to use! So, it's an exciting and BUSY time for me!

Here are a few layouts that I've put together recently that I thought you might like to see ...

This is a new one using Traci Reed and Dani Mogsteads new Collaboration kit, Love Sprung, which is incredible! It's DEFINATELY one that I'll be using again and again! And, I think it might be my new favorite layout! I was really excited because it was chosen as Hot Layout of the Day over at the Digi Shoppe which is really cool!

And here is one using Toni Berman's Rebel Rock kit. I just love the cute little relationship that Alex and I have developed recently and I had to do a page about it! He's so possessive of me these days. He wants his Momma ALL THE TIME! And I'm loving every minute of it!

And here is one of some of the birthday pictures that I took while the twins played hard in the Burger King play area. They had such a wonderful time!

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