Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Musings

Once again, I've been totally negligent in posting on our blog. I apologize profusely but we've had quite a February here and I'm just getting back to normal. We had at least 3 rounds of illness swing through the house, most of us have been on antibiotics at least once and all of us have been SICK SICK SICK. We're finally back to normal so I hope I can be a bit better about updating all of you!

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby, Paul!!!!! Hope you have had a great day, honey!

And I also have to say HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to Meighan and Alex who had a birthday a couple of weekends ago! I have pictures to share of their very low key party! We ended up having it on their actual birthday because Alex was really sick on the afternoon we'd planned it. Poor kid! We kept it quiet - we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for presents and playtime, followed by a trip to Burger King for Happy Meals and playing in the play area! They had a blast - perfect birthday for our very energetic (albeit sick) toddlers!
Here are a few pictures from their birthday - I still can't believe they have been in our lives for two whole years! They amaze me! I still can't post anything that isn't sideways (URGHHH) so I am only posting the cute sideways pictures. I'll be doing layouts with all the cute birthday pics so you'll definately be seeing them!

Here is a cute picture of Sami and Meighan after Sami had gotten Meighan to sit still to have her hair done (I can't get her to sit still for 2 seconds but Sami is a pro). Didn't Sami do a great job making Meighan look adorable?

Here are some layouts to share that I've done since I last posted. I took quite a break due to all the ickiness but I did get some pages done. Here they are ...
During February I guest CT'd with Karah Fredericks and had such a great time working with her designs. She ROCKS and I had the best time. This layout uses her Love Is [Darcy] kit and it is a new favorite. Very different kind of page for me but I LOVE how it turned out. I scraplifted one of my friend Wendy Zine's awesome layouts ...

And here is another that is REALLY bright and fun -

And another using more of Karah's products (these solids ROCK and the folded corners are so unique and fun to play with) -

And a Meighan layout using Rose's fun 'My Funky Valentine' kit -

And here's one using Audrey Neal's His Way Papers/Elements about having Boy/Girl twins -

And here's one about the most used word in our house these days - NO -

And another Meighan layout -

And an Alex layout -

And here's one I did for last week's Digi Dare - all about my favorite music -

And here's one about my favorite sisters -

And last, but not least, one using Traci Reed's new Boy Theory kit -

A couple of other quick things related to digi scrapbooking ...
Check out Rose's blinkie contest here. She has some really fun stuff in her shop!
And have you seen Jen Beschinski's paint drips??? Check them out here - they are so unique!

That's it for tonight but I'll be back soon with more to share. Including more pictures of the twins - maybe I'll figure out another way to show you some of the cute pictures we took!

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