Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Musings

Okay - first things first. Here is the other layout that Angie did for me of Meighan that I tried to share during my last post but wasn't able to ...

I'm still in awe every time that I look at these two pages - Thank you again, Angie! I love them!

Okay ... so back to what's going on here. We had such a wonderful day today. Meighan and Alex were so good today. We spent the morning playing and doing laundry (Meighan loves to help me load the washer). Then, Paul watched the twins while I went to spend a few hours with my grandmother. I took over all of the family pictures of hers that I have and am working on scanning and organizing. She and I went through them and she told me stories about her childhood, her courtship/marriage to my Papa, my dad and uncles childhoods. I learned a lot about our family, particularly people that I didn't know myself. It's so fascinating to me. And, I'm so glad that I'm able to spend time with her documenting some of this family history. I'd really like to put together a heritage album with some of these photos and stories as well as photos/stories from my mom's side of the family. I think it's such an important project and I plan to really work hard on it this year. I'm in the beginning stages now and I find that I can't wait to get to work on it!

When I got back home, Paul had the kids all ready and we headed to the mall. Paul got a haircut while the twins and I window shopped. We found great winter coats for Meighan and Alex at Old Navy (and they were on SALE!) Then, we had dinner at Casa Grande and the twins were SO good at the restaurant. Other than one little incident of my Diet Pepsi getting knocked over by Alex (totally Paul's fault, of course, LOL), they were angels. They ate over half of the HUGE soft taco that we ordered for them as well as a lot of Spanish rice and beans. Not to mention all of the chips and cheese dip they ate before dinner arrived. They played and giggled and ate. They were so wonderful! It was a very pleasant dinner with a lot of laughs. I was very proud of them! Then, we were planning to head over to Target but decided that we were too darn tired for Target. So, we just came home.

That's all we've been up to today. I'm working on a few projects that are Christmas presents and I really need to get them finished up. So, I'm planning to spend my evening doing just that!

Here are a few recent pictures that I wanted to share ...

Alex and his new favorite book - this is his favorite page - he can even find the various pictures that correspond with the word on some of them when you prompt him. Such a smart little guy!

And here's my girl. You can see her right eye is a bit puffy and red. It seems to have cleared up now though. Yeah!

Alex is a huge music fan - this is one of his favorite toys. One of the settings on it sings the ABC song and he always sets it to that setting and tries to sing along. We're definately going to have to get him involved in music in some way. One of his Little Einstein videos has a little boy who is a conductor and Alex has begun emulating him by 'conducting' all the time. Too cute!

Meighan watched me talking to my mom on my cell phone and when I turned around this is what I saw - her walking around the kitchen just like me with an electronic timer to her ear like a phone, babbling away. Too cute! It's amazing what they pick up from us!

When Sami was here last weekend, she was messing with the twins by riding their little car. They did not like it and kept trying to drag her off of it! So hilarious! Here are a few pictures from their attempts to get her off ...

Okay - that's it for tonight. I need to get to work on my Christmas gifts ... More soon.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mommy will not leave her full soda next to the carzy kid in the future. :P

Terri said...

LOL Mason has the same car. You have a lovely family