Saturday, December 20, 2008

Links to Share: Great Stuff I Came Across & Wanted to Share

As I've been visiting some of my favorite blogs, I've been keeping a list so that I could share with you some of the posts/articles/projects that I found interesting ...

  1. Simplemom has a fantastic article over on her site Skimp On The Unimportant So You Can Spend On What Matters that I definitely recommend. I know our family is making a lot of changes in terms of how we spend our money and what we spend it on. This article gave me a lot to think about.
  2. There is a very short but interesting article entitled What We All Want To Be When We Grow Up over at Marc & Angel Hack Life that I really enjoyed as both an individual and as a parent. A nice reminder, I thought.
  3. I love this cute Fairy Light Project which is a great way to reuse something to create something unique & beautiful. I might have to try this with my daughter.
  4. Since quitting smoking last week (YAY me!), I've been having some trouble staying motivated to do things which is unlike me. However, I saw this article 21 Surefire Ways to Stay Motivated which I think is an excellent resource that might help anyone struggling with motivation.
  5. I love these Modern Paper Ornaments over at Design*Sponge and I just might have to make some for the kiddo's rooms - I think they're very cute & look fairly easy!
  6. There is a great article over at Blissfully Domestic about Hiding Holiday Weight that I think gave some great suggestions ...
  7. As I'm struggling with the fact that I'm so behind for the holidays that are coming up (I've had a crazy month at work & then I've been really sick for the last 2 weekends) and I loved this article over at The Inspired Room called Feeling Behind Before You Even Begin? Six Strategies to Make the Holidays Sane
Okay, that is it for me today ... I hope that some of these links might be of interest & help/inspire you!

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