Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Musings

Happy Saturday! I've had a very nice day today. Mom and Dave took the kids this afternoon so I've had a whole afternoon to myself to run errands, do some laundry, put together a couple of pages and I even snuck in a little nap! Love those days. They are few and far between these days. Paul and I were chatting after dropping them off and we are amazed by how much free time we had before having kids. And we never really appreciated it! It's amazing just how much your life changes when you have children. They become your everything and all of the things that seemed to matter before just fade into the background. I just can't imagine my life without them but I have to admit that I relish the occasional free afternoon where I get to do what I want to do without have Noggin on in the background all day!

We're trying to get ready for the big move which will be happening the week of June 23rd. We'll be having a moving company come in to pack us up, load us up and then we'll be in a hotel until we close and hit the road for St. Louis. Our corporate housing will be ready for us on the following Monday. We'll be in corporate housing for up to 60 days while we find a place to live. I can't seem to think about the whole move in very real terms or I start to freak out. I know this is the right thing for us but I also have to admit that I'm scared silly at the idea of moving so far from Virginia! But, I know that this is the right decision which makes it a little easier to accept. Because I'm also thrilled at the idea of a fresh start and what this could mean for me at work. I'm choosing to see the adventure and ignore the sadness! It's an adventure, right??? LOL

I only have one page that I can share using some MandaBean goodies. I love how playful her designs are and how they stretch me each time I use them to create bright, fun pages! I also have a couple that I've done for Bella Scraps Magazine's June issue but I can't share those until after the issue is released (come on June 15th!)

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