Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Musings

I feel like I say this every time I post but I really am sorry that its been so long between posts. With starting a new job, the kids starting daycare and just our everyday life, we've been swamped and I just haven't had time to come post! But, I'm finally feeling like things are coming together so I thought I'd give a little update.

My new job is WONDERFUL! I am really loving it and feeling great about work again! Which is so great! I love my manager - she is an incredible lady who I am already learning so much from about being a great leader. The team is also great - and I'm finally beginning to get to know some of them and feeling a part of the team! The work itself is challenging and I am really enjoying every minute of my time there! And, frankly, it's wonderful to feel really good about work again!

The kids began their first week of daycare at a daycare center near our house. They're doing so well there - really adjusting quite well. The structure and the activity has been so good for them. They are already blossoming! They're having trouble with the drop off - crying for us, very upset when we leave. But, that is to be expected and they are apparently getting past it very quickly after we leave! The staff is great at the center and I really like everything about it so far!

We had a really nice Easter with Mom, Dave and Mimi Robertson. I even got a few nice pictures which I'll try to get up on the blog over the weekend! The twins had a lot of fun with their Easter baskets. They don't get candy very often so they were in Sugar Heaven!

So, as you can see, things are going well and we're all getting used to our new routine!

Here are a few pages that I did since I posted last. I haven't been getting as much scrapbooking done as I'd like but I am hoping that will change as things calm down with the job/daycare stuff!

So, here they are -

This first one is a square page that I put together using Traci Reed and Kristin CB's new Collaborative kit - Hello Sunshine. Some of us CT ladies put together a square quick page for a QP album using the kit and this was my contribution! It was nice to try a new page size! And, is Alex just the cutest, or what?!?!

And here is another page that I did which is one of my new favorites! I just love these pics of Alex who I rarely get a good picture of! Especially his adorable smile! This page uses a bunch of Jen Beschinski stuff and a Deb F. template and a bunch of other stuff, too! I had a lot of fun pulling it all together!

And here is one about my Megs using Wendy Zine's new Bloom and Grow Kit (that felt paper from the kit is incredible!). I really wanted to focus on the journaling so I tried to keep the page fairly simple. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

And here is one I put together the other night about being a working mother and what I think about it. It's not the best picture of Meighan and Alex but its one of the few I've got with both of them (they don't stay in one place long and don't care a bit that I'd love to get a picture of them together!!). I used Traci Reed's new Love, Mother kit which is incredible!!! So soft and beautiful!

Okay, I have a bunch of clothes and dishes to get washed tonight so I better get to work! I'll be back soon with more updates and some pictures from Easter!

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