Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Musings

Things have been really busy here so let me see if I can catch you up on everything we've been up to ...

We had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. The twins made me presents at school - little stained glass butterflies and a sweet card from each of them. They love doing art projects at school and I love that they made me something so sweet!

We had a nice lunch with Mom, Dave, Mimi and Willis. Then, we got to go visit Mimi at her new apartment. It was a nice day! Here's a picture that Mom got of me, the twins and Mimi right after lunch. I think it turned out great!

Here are pictures of the twins with their Art Books from school. They were so proud of their books!

And here are some random pictures that I thought you might like to see -

Alex and Paul

Alex trying on his Daddy's glasses!

Meighan playing with Bandit - actually, she was ordering him around, if we're honest!

On Easter, Paul, Alex, Mimi, Meighan and me at my Mom and Dave's house.

Meighan just adores her Mimi - here they are spending some time together on Easter!

My boys looking quite handsome!

My dad and Alex hanging out last weekend at Mimi's new place!

Nina, Alex and Elizabeth - playing with the twins new toys!

Our beautiful girl!

Me and the babes hanging out in the yard enjoying the warm weather!

Meighan and her Grandpa (or Papa as she calls him)!

And here are some recent layouts that I've put together. I've gotten a little behind with my scrapbooking since starting the new job. I'm just trying to get settled in but I did get a few pages done that I love.

This is one using Traci Reed's new Graphically Grunged kit (you can find it at -

And here is one using one of Deb F's templates and a Dani Mogstead kit which was perfect for these photos!

And here is this awesome picture of Alex again! I just had to put a page together about all his words and his verbal development since starting daycare! This page uses one of Audrey Neal's new templates (at the lily pad) and a Dani Mogstead kit.

And here is one about Meighan's language development using another Audrey Neal template and Wendy Zine's Thrift Store Donations Collab. Kit (at Elemental Scraps)

And this is one that I just love about Meighan using Traci Reed's Serene kit and one of her templates (all found at scrapbookgraphics), There is also a ton of other stuff on this one but its mostly Traci's products!

And another one using Traci Reed's awesome Unbound kit and one of Audrey Neal's templates!

I had a wonderful day today - it is my birthday and my mom took me to Williamsburg for the day to shop and spend time together. It was so nice to spend a day away from 'everyday' life and have some down time. We shopped like crazy and had a wonderful lunch at my favorite, Captain George's! Thank you, Mom, for the wonderful day!! And, thank you, Paul, for keeping the kids so that I could have the day out on my birthday! I had a wonderful time!
I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekend and hanging out with Paul, Sami, Meighan and Alex! Should be lots of fun! I'll try to take lots of pics so that I can share them with you!

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Bretta said...

You've been busy! Happy birthday, Amy!!