Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday Musings

Well, after Kirsty reminded me tonight that I'd promised to blog, I decided I better head over and get it done! (Thanks, Kirsty! - I love that I have a new blog stalker!)

We're all doing well! Things have been fairly quiet here. We all seem to be passing colds and coughs to one another but I think we're all finally starting to feel a little better! Hopefully, we'll be cold free for awhile!

Meighan and Alex are as funny as always! They are two VERY opinionated toddlers and they have no problem letting us know what they think. They are very demanding and are not particularly happy with Mommy and Daddy when we tell them no! Ahhh, toddlers!

They are really beginning to talk quite a bit - Meighan is talking in what I call toddler sentences now - 'Me want' "Mine Baby" "Me Mommy" "Me Daddy" "Mommy Daddy Puppy" "Me Juice" etc. Very cute! They really are quite smart and I love watching them figure things out and put it all together.

They are still driving us crazy with their waking up at 5 a.m. and wanting to play! Now that they can climb out of their cribs, Alex is constantly getting up at the crack of dawn, waking up his sister and playing! Most mornings one of us hauls ourselves down to their room and tells them its too early to get up, puts them back to bed and crawl back to bed ourselves. We've tried putting them to bed later, earlier, shutting out all possible light, etc. No luck. I'm hoping the excitement of getting out of bed to play will begin to wane and we'll all get to sleep til 6 or 7 a.m. at least!

Paul is doing well - he's had some trouble with his car but, luckily for the warranty we bought, it won't be costing us too much! YEAH for warranties!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow with my new primary care physician and I'm hoping to get a physical so that I can get started on my new 'focus on my health' thing that I've promised myself to do this year! I've started doing some small changes like drinking more water, eating less candy, and trying to be more conscious of my food intake. Next is finding time for excercise. No, not finding, making time for it! So, I'll keep you updated on my progress ...

Well, that's it for tonight. I need to get myself to bed soon! My goal is to try to blog every other day (at least) so I know Kirsty will keep me on track so hopefully you'll be hearing from me a bit more regularly!


KirstyB said...

Your official blog stalker checking in here!! :)

Meighan and Alex must have been talking with Sean and Emma about wake up schedules because it seems that they are on the SAME ONE!! Crummy huh?? Especially when I stay up way too late to get a blog update!! ;)

Good luck with your appt tomorrow! I get to go in for my yearly next month and I can't wait for my doc to see the weight loss!! :) LOL

Bretta said...

Ugh. Exercise is my biggie too. So hard to get motivated!

I read your blog regularly too.

Oh, and TAG, you're it! List five things I never knew about you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! I love your blog! Fantastic header btw! I had fun looking through all the pictures and your layouts using Traci's templates!