Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Layout - You. Me. Us

This is a layout that I probably wouldn't have made if it hadn't been triggered in my mind by one of the February Story Starters that are part of the membership over at Simple Scrapper! The story starter was around celebrating the people who have modeled love and devotion to you. My first instinct was to create a page about my grandparents and their relationship. But, then I suddenly thought that maybe I'd try something a little different ... and create a page about my parent's divorce. Most people wouldn't think of divorce and modeling love and devotion ... but given the way my parents handled their divorce, it was the perfect story starter for me!

It was a difficult page to finish and I struggled with it quite a bit! But, WOW am I happy with how it turned out. It's exactly what it should be and I'm so glad that I captured this story for my scrapbook! I truly feel lucky to have been born to these people who cared for me so well ... divorce or not.

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