Saturday, August 01, 2009

Watermelon Musings

I think that all 3 of our kids would and could eat watermelon ALL day if we let them. They are watermelon FREAKS. So, Paul cut up some for the kids to enjoy outside one night and they had fun eating and playing. Well, Alex said he wasn't hungry & ended up doing more playing than eating. But, the girls ate almost the entire plate by themselves!

A stick sword ... he's obsessed with swords right now. He actually wants a lightsaber (yes, the weapon from StarWars) but he made do with this stick ...

Sami will kill me when she sees that I posted these. She was cracking me up (and herself up, too) as we hung out. She's hilarious!

Alex wanted a picture of us so we did the whole hold the camera out and hope for the best thing. Not great but cute.

And, for the finale, Sami began doing her MOVES for us ... she's trying out for cheerleading and spent a lot of time practicing. I love this shot of her in a headstand!

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