Saturday, August 01, 2009

Carousel Musings

My friend Stephanie's sister was giving a birthday party for her daughter and invited the twins to come! Meighan was very excited to be invited to a party! The party was at the Faust Park Carousel. The carousel is very cool. It's an original carousel built in the 1920's that was originally at Forest Park Highlands. It was the only thing left standing after a fire in 1963. It was restored and installed at Faust Park in the late 1980's. So, we spent an hour celebrating Alexi's birthday by riding the beautiful carosel. My photos aren't the best - the light in the carousel building isn't always the best. But, here they are ...

Here's Steph ..

I'm sure Sami was bored silly! We love this photo because its the look she gives Paul when he annoys her!

I have NO IDEA what Paul was doing here but I HAD to include it ...

So, there it is ... the Faust Park Carousel! We had a great time!

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