Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photo Musings

Here are a few work related photos. On the day that Wachovia Securities became Wells Fargo Advisors the Stagecoach arrived so that we could all have our photos taken with it (cheesy, I know). So here is a photo of my team with the stage coach. Darron is on the far left. He's a great project manager who sits next to me and helps me out a lot! He's a great cube mate! Next to him is my boss, Lisa. Then, Omar and Chris who are the other project managers on our team. Then, there is me!

And this is me and Stephanie in front of the Stagecoach. Stephanie is my best work buddy and I am not entirely sure what I'd do without her every day. She's made the transition to St. Louis so much easier. And, she just 'gets' me which is wonderful! And she loves my kids and gets Paul's sense of humor ... so, she's the perfect friend!

Stephanie and I volunteered to do some planting on the Jefferson Bridge in St. Louis as part of a Cinco de Mayo event at work ... Yes, I'm not much of a gardener but it was for a good cause! And, I ended up having a great time!

YES, that is me, PLANTING things! It's a miracle! LOL And if you look at my shirt, that is our new Wells Fargo Advisors logo. In the end, we planted many pretty things that I get to look at each day as I come and go from work.

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