Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photo Musings ... Beautiful Day Outside

We were just enjoying the evening outside since the weather was looking up so here are a few of the photos that I got that night ... I love this one of Alex. It's just the essence of him!

He loves his Big Wheel ... his expression here just cracks me up!

Meighan would be happy to blow bubbles for hours. It's one of her all time favorite ways to spend time!

Apparently, Paul enjoys it as well ...

Alex's new obsession ... Wolverine!

Meighan is always a mess. If there is dirt in a 10 mile radius, she will find a way to get it all over her!

See what I mean about the dirt. I think she might end up being a gardener ... she could dig in the dirt all day. Finding worms is her favorite. She always wants to keep them but then I make her put them back because they might miss their mommy ... she reluctantly puts them back.

Yes, he is still a superhero almost 40% of the time. Running around, saving the world ...

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