Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Musings

Hello everyone! I know its been awhile since I've posted so I'm here to give an update. It looks like we'll be moving to St. Louis in the next few months. There are a few small things that I need to work out related to our house before we finalize things and I officially sign my relocation offer but its VERY likely that we'll be in Missouri by this summer. I have mixed emotions about it - excited to take an opportunity of a lifetime in terms of my work, excited to do something new and live in a new place, excited to have a chance to improve our lives and straighten up our financial situation. Yet, I'm sad to leave my home - the place I've pretty much lived all of my life. I'm sad to leave my mom and Dave as well as my Dad and Nina. It's nice to be so close to everyone now. And, I'm sad that the kids won't have their grandma and grandpa just down the road and get to see them all of the time. As you can see, its bittersweet in some ways. But, we're trying to stay positive and do what is best for our family right now.

Meighan and Alex are doing great - learning to count, learning their ABCs. They'll be 3 in just 2 days which is amazing to me. I can't believe how fast they're growing up. We're finding 3 to be even more difficult than 2 ... they are constantly testing us and pushing the limits on everything. I know its part of being a toddler but some days its tough to cope with TWO crazy toddlers! But, then the sweet moments make up for all the crazy ones. They can be so loving and nothing sounds better than their saying 'Love you mommy' - that's the best sound EVER!

Otherwise, we're hanging in there and trying to do some things around her to get the house in shape for being sold. Which is tough with two toddlers getting into everything we try to do. We tried to paint last weekend and before I knew it Meighan had paint all over her hands and Alex was running off with the brushes and rollers. Yikes. So, it's slower going than we'd like but it will come together. The red wall in the kitchen is almost done and its been a bear for Paul - the paint is very difficult to get even on the wall but he's hanging in there trying to get it finished up!

Anyway, here are some pages that I've done recently that I wanted to share with everyone ...

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