Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday Musings

Tonight will be a quick one - just sharing some recent layouts. Alex has been sick all week - high fevers which ultimately turned into an ear infection and a throat infection. Poor little guy! But, he's on antibiotics and we're hoping he'll be back to normal soon. I'm sure that Meighan will develop everything he currently has as soon as Alex is feeling better! Okay, onto the layouts. I'll come back soon and post more about what we've been up to ...

Here's another of the baby book pages - this is Alex's fourth month page and I'm just thrilled with how it turned out!

Another Alex page - this one about his first reaction to the sand at the beach! He is too cute!

Here's one about Alex and what he's been up to these days - one of the most hilarious is how he calls things which he knows the name for different names (he'll even argue with you if you try to correct him - LOL) - he calls Meighan 'Dora' (as in Dora the Explorer, guess its easier for him to say than Meighan) and he calls Elmo 'Nemo' although he knows that Elmo is Elmo and Nemo is Nemo. He's a funny boy!

And here's one of my Meighan that I did for this week's Digi Dare - it's all about her new favorite saying 'GECKUM' - AKA 'You're Welcome' - she's cracking us up on a daily basis!

And last but certainly not least, is a layout of one of my favorite Meighan and Dave pictures that I took on Easter. She loves her Grandpa (or Papa as she calls him). This one uses lots of Jen Beschinski goodies (go check out her store at the Digi Shoppe - her stuff is AWESOME)!

Okay, that is it for tonight! I'll be back soon with recent pictures and an update ...

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