Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Layout - You Today

I just finished up a new page using the April Simple Scrapper membership materials and thought I'd share it! Alex is really coming into his own and I'm loving the person he's becoming! He's such a cool little kid and I wanted to document some of the great things about him right now ... at 9 years old! He's getting ready to start his first season of baseball which should be fun! He's never really expressed much interest in sports so we jumped at signing him up for baseball when he mentioned he'd like to play. Can't wait to see him explore something new! Alex is so many things - creative, funny, and smart to name just a few. My favorite thing about him, however, is he is KIND. It makes me so proud that he is a kind and thoughtful boy!  I feel so lucky to be his mom!

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blupixy said...

What a lovely page! Thanks for sharing!