Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Musings

Wow, I've been so lax with the blog lately. It's been so crazy at work and at home that I just haven't gotten to it! So, I have lots to share tonight!

The kids are doing great. Learning so much at their new school (which we LOVE!!) and enjoying having a play room where they can go crazy with the toys! The kids are taking dance classes now which they are enjoying. Meighan loves the idea of being a ballerina and Alex just likes that he gets to wear shoes that make noise lol There was a carnival at their school last weekend which we went to and had a great time. Here are some pictures of their fun ...

Other than the fact that I put Paul's Mustang in a ditch (yes, I'm an idiot & no, there was no major damage besides my pride), it was a great night!

Earlier in the month, my mom and Dave came to visit and we had a great time hanging out for a long weekend. I can't wait til they come back for Halloween!

September has been pretty good. Lots going on at work (and no, I don't know anything about Wachovia or the possibility of another merger/buyout. All I know is what you know which is the reports in the media). Staying busy and continuing to try to finish unpacking with two 3 year olds who'd rather play! Football season has begun (go EAGLES!) so most of our Sunday's are spent with football on in the background. It's beginning to look like fall is coming to St. Louis so we had to stock up on cooler weather clothes for the kids this weekend. I'm soooooo excited for cooler weather although I know that its been pretty tame here this summer!

That's it for now - I have laundry to go fold and episodes of Dexter to watch (have you seen this show??? OMG it's wonderful! Great TV!) I have a lot of scrapbook pages to share but I'll do that in another post. I'll be back soon ...

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