Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Musings

I'm not even going to apologize anymore for being such a terrible blogger. I am just going to try to do the best that I can!

Things are going well here for the most part. I'm really enjoying my new job although its keeping me VERY busy! I'm working a lot of overtime getting one of my first projects off of the ground and I'll be traveling quite a bit in December to get it completed. We've also been invited to St. Louis for a long weekend to take a tour, get a feel for the city to help us determine if we might be interested in relocating there when my firm's headquarters moves there next year. We're staying open to all the possibilities at this point! We'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted!

Meighan and Alex are doing great. Getting so big! Alex's obsession with Spiderman continues - he's now acting out scenes from the movies and carrying his Big Spiderman action figure and his Spiderman bucket around with him almost constantly. Meighan is obsessed with drawing and with carrying around tons of 'stuff' - she's our own little bag lady! They are beginning to count and although they aren't always consistent, Alex counted to 8 the other day which totally shocked me! Sometimes its 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 and sometimes its another combination. And at times they get it right! It's amazing to watch them learning all these things we take for granted.

Here are a few recent pages I've done for your viewing pleasure ...

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KirstyB said...

Beautiful layouts, Amy!! :) Sounds like your job is going really well...and WOW, a relocation?? I miss our nightly chats!! Hugs to you and yours!! :)