Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Musings

Okay, I'm back and I'll try to do a quick update. Things have been really busy here.

Meighan and Alex are doing so great. Getting so big that they amaze me. They both know their colors and love to test themselves. They are talking more and more everyday which is just amazing us. Alex has been in a 'I no like it' phase which is his response to pretty much everything. We come into his room in the morning and his first words are 'Me no like sun in my eyes.' We're reading Goodnight Moon (as we do every night) and he sees the page about the stars and looks at me to say 'I no like stars.' He even says 'I no like puppy' which is not true because he ADORES puppies. He's just in a place right now that everything is not up to snuff - he cracks us up! The hilarious thing is that each time he says his I no like line, Meighan runs up and screams "ME YIKE IT" no matter what it is! So funny! She "yikes" pretty much everything! She is such an adventurous eater and always up for whatever we have planned. Alex is a bit more cautious. Meighan loves to do daredevil kinds of things but Alex is not interested in things like that. They are a funny duo!

They are really beginning to actively play with each other and entertain each other which is so much fun to watch. They chat with each other, argue with each other (Me Mommy/Daddy, NO ME MOMMY/DADDY is a current favorite argument), and play games together. They are learning a lot of songs at school and love to sing them together. They are so much fun!

I have news to share in terms of work. I was considering a move to another company recently but was offered a promotion at my current job that I couldn't resist. So, I'm staying where I am for now, doing something entirely different which is very exciting! It's so nice to finally be able to use that MBA that I worked so hard for! I'm loving my new role but I'm still getting integrated into it and figuring it all out. It's a very exciting time in the group that I'm working in right now and I'm very happy about my decision! The decision will also mean good things for us financially which is a wonderful feeling!

We are working on getting our house in order, so to speak. Trying to get organized and get some of the projects completed that we've been wanting to finish with the house - such as painting and getting some of the clutter cleaned out. It's a lot of work but I think we've finally decided that we really want to make the most of this house. I think the arrival of the twins as we bought the house got us a bit off track in terms of our responsibilities as homeowners but I'm excited that Paul and I are going to commit to getting this house more organized and liveable! I just have to remind myself that it will not happen over night and that we need to be realistic about our progress!

Well, I think that is it for now. The twins are with my mom and Dave (they spent the night with them last night) and I want to get some things accomplished before they get back home!

Here are a couple more pages that I've done recently ...

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